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Car insurance : cost of car insurance depends on profession

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The impact your job title has on the cost of your car insurance may we greater than you think, with certain jobs being labelled as high risk because of factors associated with the profession.

Professions in law and education such as solicitors, police officers and teachers get an easy ride when it comes to car insurance as they are deemed to hold a position of responsibility and are therefore less likely to take risks behind the wheel.

Students on the other hand are labelled as high risk because of their lack of responsibility. Age is also a factor for students because, as a rule, students are in their late teens or early 20’s so they don’t have a great deal of driving experience.

Journalists are also deemed risky by car insurance providers, the reasoning being that reporters spend a great deal of time out on the road chasing up stories. Also there’s the implication that they could have important passengers in their car because of their job.

Sports stars are also at risk of high premiums as a serious car accident could potentially cause bring an end to a sports person’s career, which would lead to a hefty pay out from the insurer. Electricians and builders will also be hit with high car insurance rates as their vehicles could be a target for thieves if tools are left inside.

However if you do find yourself in the high risk category because of your work, it’s worth spending an extra few minutes getting a quote for a similar job title within your profession as the cost of car insurance for a person whose job title is broadcaster TV/radio, for example, does work out up to £100 cheaper in some cases than a person who states they are a TV Broadcaster.

Source : Lady Motor