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Liability & Accident Committee Meeting Digest 3/12/2015

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Case Law

The committee discussed and reviewed an Australian asbestos case where the illness manifested itself 5 to 10 years after diagnosis.

Lydia Graves v Marinus Gerardus Brouwer (2015) was also discussed in relation to causation.


The committee were advised that EU Commissioner Lord Hill’s office were reviewing the case and there may possibly be a slight change to the EU Motor Directive to minimise the impact, possibly in relation to vehicles used in traffic which would largely alleviate UK concerns and deal with the Motor Sport issue.

Changes to Sentencing Guidelines for Health & Safety Offences

The chairman reported on these changes which come into effect in 2016 which will result in a substantial increase in fines and associated legal costs.  The chair agreed to issue a technical briefing for members.

Any Other Business

The 2016 BIBA Manifesto ‘Fairness for All’ was discussed together with the new BIBA guides being planned on under-insurance and an Insurance Act implementation guide.

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