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Pioneering Online Insurance Business DirectAsia.com Launches in Thailand

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Award-winning DirectAsia.com has proven to be a major success in both the Hong Kong and Singapore markets. DirectAsia.com currently has up to 4 per cent of the private car insurance market share in Singapore, where it is an insurer. DirectAsia.com Thailand, a newly licensed broker in Thailand, the pioneer is set to win over Thais with its lower-price and higher-service online distribution.

DirectAsia.com believes customers are tired of the old ways of buying car insurance with dealers force selling or salesmen pushing unnecessary covers that car owners neither understand nor need and at over-inflated prices. Instead DirectAsia.com says it has created a customer segment and need-based quotation process which it believes will provide Thai customers with better value car insurance.

Each customer selects only the car insurance cover they need and pays for extra drivers or extra options at their desired sum assured, only if they choose. This, according to DirectAsia.com, is a major advancement from the one-size-fits all policies in the market, particularly those that are sold to new car buyers. Tailoring covers for customers, they claim, also means motorists will not be subsidizing higher risk profile drivers, as is usually the case and often leads to over-inflated premiums.

The Thai broker aims to get its customers better car insurance prices than the market and to prove it will be offering the best price promise for safe drivers.

The website comes with a “no insurance jargon” promise aimed at enabling customers to make clear informed choices about the products they need. Being fully integrated online, DirectAsia.com brings for the first time to Thais the benefits of buying and managing insurance at customers’ own convenience 24/7.

DirectAsia.com is backing up its online business with a dedicated call centre so customers can buy and manage their insurance over the phone or in person over the counter. The company, which has a policy not to annoy customers by telemarketing to them, says its inbound Customer Care centre will be an essential part of its Thai operation, given the importance to Thais of friendly service.

Michael Parker, Chief Executive Officer, DirectAsia.com Thailand, believes the Thai market is ripe for online insurance. He said: “The days of being contacted with a pushy offer or being forced to buy insurance covers that you do not need, are numbered. Consumers want a fair deal and want to do business on their own terms. There is a better way, and that’s why we are here – 24 X 7 online convenience with friendly telephone support whenever you need it.”

Mr Parker added: “We are very confident that DirectAsia.com will deliver its customers in Thailand tremendous value for money, greater product flexibility and fast and effective customer service — representing, for the Thai consumer, a radical change for the better when having to arrange insurance.”

Robin Hood and DirectAsia.com

DirectAsia.com is introducing Robin Hood to the Thai market. Using cutting edge 3D animation, DirectAsia.com has breathed life into the famed hero of English folklore as a champion for its brand and its customers. The pint-sized animated Robin Hood will feature in DirectAsia.com advertising, videos and other communications.