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Customer culture is required in insurance companies

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It moves in insurance companies . While for decades they had a vision and knew the contract by customer number police today in most companies, the watchword is to focus on the customer.

In a hyper- competitive environment – especially in the field of damage insurance with the faculty give Hamon law the insured to terminate the insurance contract at any time – insurers are concerned , if possible to increase their portfolio , but also to keep the number of their customers.

Suffice to say that the sinews of war is customer knowledge . Customers who, for their part, are increasingly demanding , versatile , since a third of them consider changing insurance for a default quality of service .

As insurers have they made ​​efforts to invest in customer relations, seizing all opportunities to strengthen this relationship. It is traditionally done by the quality of the reception by phone, mail or email . Emphasis has rightly been placed on these relationships in the brokerage company Assured Associates: ” When a customer calls us, he has to deal with a single contact . Moreover , we ship 7,000 receipts per year for 2,500 customers, personalized letters , to which we add tips, information on regulations , proposals for sponsorship. We even offer training for entrepreneurs . The customer must feel that we are well-served by our personal commitment , “says Emmanuel Blachez , Manager of the company .

But on the side of companies , most of them are still organized in silos, brake if any interconnection between the different services and the aggregation of databases. Despite progress , the client on the phone is often put in relation with different services. ” Everything should converge towards a customer-centric culture and insurers will have to demonstrate a strategic commitment oriented around the customer. They must pass a particular customer segmentation by age, geolocation, socio-professional category … with behavioral segmentation , which requires a thorough knowledge of the customer , “says Jean -Luc Gambey , Partner Molitor Consult.