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New : Dual’s blog sais no love lost between business and technology

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DUAL Corporate Risks is launching a blog that explores the turbulent love-hate relationship between business and technology functions within the insurance industry.

Tim Grant, head of e-business at DUAL, will be compiling the blog ‘Biztechbites’ in dialogue with Dharmesh Mistry, chief operating officer & chief technology officer at edge IPK, who will provide the technology supplier’s point of view.

Grant and Mistry both say that insurance has been relatively late in exploiting technological advancement, due to the complexities of the industry and its traditional outlook. However they also believe the relationship between the business decision makers in insurance and the technology can be improved.

Tim Grant said: “It has been a rocky marriage at times, but we expect our blog will show others that there are ways in which to avoid conflicts and difficulties.

“In keeping with our launch date of Valentine’s Day, our blog will amount to an online heart-to-heart, where both sides in the business-technology relationship will be open and honest about their problems and grievances on either side.”

Grant said the Biztechbites blog is also aimed at exposing and ironing out the glitches that prevent the insurance market from advancing quicker towards its electronic goals.

Dharmesh Mistry said: “Hopefully our online dialogue will inspire readers to overcome their e-business barriers and eventually rekindle the love between business and technology functions.

“We have not yet worked with DUAL Corporate Risks in e-business, so we can be much more honest about the miscommunication and heartbreak that happens on each side of the business-technology divide.”

Source : DUAL Press Release