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Direct Group launches protection claims solution

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Following the recent successful launch of their new fraud screening product ‘Validate’ on Travel claims, Direct Group has expanded the solution into Protection claims. This has proved beneficial, helping their Investigation services team, (DGIS) make an average saving of £2,800 on each claim investigated in respect of Accident, Sickness and Unemployment claims in the last 12 months.

While focus has always been given to validating new claims, Direct Group Investigation Services (DGIS) have also deployed the solution to ongoing accident, sickness and unemployment claims in an attempt to combat those who unnecessarily delay their return to work, as they believe insurers are not likely to investigate further once the claim has been accepted.

John Baldock, Head of Investigation Services at Direct Group comments: “Our Validate product has been an instant success within Protection claims, in validating both new and ongoing claims we have shown our solution to be an effective alternative to traditional methods of field interviews and surveillance, which can both be costly and practically in-flexible, often unnecessarily delaying the claims process. Our solution can be deployed straight away, and in many cases has achieved better results than traditional methods”

“We have shown our solution to be effective in reducing claim durations, particularly on those claims where, although accepted correctly in the first instance, the claimant has actually returned to work without stopping their claim, or in a number of cases they are not actively looking to return to work and are attempting to prolong their claim payments wherever possible. We believe that these exaggerated claims are a major area of claims leakage, which can be effectively combated by deploying ‘Validate’. While acting as a wake-up call to unwise or dishonest claimants, our validation process serves as a welcome review and support call to genuine claimants looking to return to work.“ said John Baldock

Developed in partnership with the global actuarial consultancy EMB, the ‘Validate’ product, embraces world class behavioural science and proven technical claims skills into a software solution. This allows DGIS investigators to conduct Interactive Telephone Interviews (ITI) to screen and identify genuine claimants for fast tracking, while filtering out potentially fraudulent claims with Rating and Scoring.

Using the technology provides a unique on-screen scripted telephone interview process directly with the end customer, which uses Criteria Based Content Analysis (CBCA) to assess the plausibility of statements. This results in a rating and score for each case being produced at the end of each interview. The product greatly reduces the reliance on traditional methodologies, is more cost effective, faster and is without detriment to savings or customer experience.
Direct Group’s focus on cost-effective investigation solutions is supported by savings of £24 for every £1 invested with DGIS in the last year and as a result DGIS are in a number of discussions about rolling the product out to a wider audience.