Holidaymakers could save almost 500%

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    Buying insurance from the travel agent rather than shopping around could see holidaymakers paying nearly 500% more for their travel insurance than necessary.

    According to the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) and Datamonitor, more than one third (40%) of all travel insurance policies were sold by travel agents last year. However, in the same way that customers can shop around to make significant savings on their car and home insurance policies, they can also save money on travel insurance policies.

    Even if consumers choose to purchase their holiday through a travel agent, they should not feel obligated to take their travel insurance out with them too.

    While holiday insurance is a must-have, it makes little sense to pay through the nose for it, especially when shopping around for a better deal is likely to save consumers money. Price comparison sites enable consumers to trawl the market for the most suitable travel insurance policies on offer.

    Not only is the service quick, easy and comprehensive, but it also enables consumers to directly compare levels of cover. For example, a family of frequent globe-trotters heading off on a three-week safari in South Africa would require a very different policy to a family who goes caravanning in France once a year. Price comparison sites are designed to empower the user and enable them to make educated decisions about the best policies for them, in turn saving them money.

    Spending just a little bit of extra time finding the best holiday insurance deal will allow you to properly relax and enjoy your trip.