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Allianz implements new leadership programme

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Allianz has enhanced its leadership programme by adding a new twist to the existing training programme.

Leaders can choose between a variety of different and strategic themed workshops, such as innovation, operational effectiveness and market management.

Each workshop programme starts with a one day event to introduce existing knowledge on the theme and sharing views and ideas of best practice.  Course members are then tasked, during a four month period, to go out and spend time with other companies, outside the insurance industry to gain insights, new ideas of best practice.  Course members then return to feedback what they have learnt.

Jost Wahlen, head of learning and development, said: “We wanted to do something a bit different and provide a programme to our leaders that gets them thinking outside the box.  This is not only a great learning opportunity for them individually but a great learning opportunity for the whole organisation.  If we step outside Allianz and even outside the insurance industry we can certainly learn a lot from others.”

“We want to be able to tap into other networks and engage leaders in linking to other companies and industries. It creates an opportunity for reflecting on their own role and how they can change and improve what they do and make suggestions or improvement for the company also.  Twenty per cent of our managers across the business were involved this year and we are expecting an even higher interest in this opportunity next year.”