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Which? : acknowledges Barclay’s lead on PPI mis-sellings

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Barclays announces that custommers who have been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance will be compensated on a “no questions asked” basis. Peter Vicary-Smith, Which? Chief Executive comments :

“Banks have a lot to do to re-build their reputation after over a decade of mis-selling PPI and then mishandling complaints about it.

“It’s fantastic to see Barclays stepping up in this way, acknowledging their mistakes and refunding customers what they’re owed, no questions asked. Hopefully this will have a domino effect and other banks will follow suit – the sooner the banking industry can consign the PPI mis-selling scandal to the history books, the better.”

Which? advises anyone who thinks they have been mis-sold PPI to complain direct to their bank and avoid costly claims management companies. Which? has created a free online tool, on Which’s website, to make the process as painless as possible.

Source : Which?