What you should know about dental insurance ?

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    Dental insurance is a type of health cash plan that focuses on dental care. Most of these pay for treatments such as crowns, root canal work, bridges and dentures up to an agreed maximum each year. If your teeth are in good health you can also take out a capitation scheme: you pay a monthly fee in return for check-ups, regular treatment, X-rays and extractions.

    What isn’t covered?

    Check your plan carefully. More serious work such as oral cancer, surgery and serious dental abscesses are often excluded. Some plans apply qualifying periods which means that they will not pay out towards any treatment undergone in the first few months of the policy, so shop around and make sure you get the cover you need.


    1. Read the paperwork and ask questions if you don’t understand anything.
    2. Make sure you check what you’re covered or not covered for.
    3. Tell the insurance company if you have any existing medical conditions.