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UK businesses to beware of the risk equipment due to the cold

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UK businesses have to beware of the increased risk of equipment failure and breakdown as the coldest winter in over a decade continues according to HSB Engineering Insurance.

A number of schools and businesses have been affected by failed boilers and HSB is already reporting an increase in queries relating to equipment malfunction associated with cold weather.

To minimise the potential for equipment breakdown, HSB is advising businesses that heating systems should be kept operating at all times – running at low setting during off-peak times to reduce the strain on boilers. As frost damage is more likely at this time of year, frost-stats should be checked and outside vents should also be protected or cleared of ice and snow accumulation.

The recent introduction of gas restrictions for some businesses also increases the risk of breakdown and, when fuel supply is switched to oil, users are encouraged to test fuel cut-outs to ensure that they are operational.

There could be electrical equipment danger severe weather can cause power fluctuation and interruption as downed wires disrupt the power supply.  When electricity is restored the sudden surge of power can destroy modern, high-tech equipment that businesses rely on.

To manage this risk, businesses should ensure that any equipment not being used is turned off and unplugged.  If a power cut does occur businesses can reduce the risk of surges by switching off electronic equipment until after the power is fully restored.