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Social networks burden on the organizations

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Social networks disrupt relations between insured and insurers , forcing them to rethink their organization and dedicated teams before, making them into the era of immediacy.

Insurers have realized that they had any interest in being present on social networks (Twitter , Facebook, Blogs, Forums … ) , which can engage a speech live . ” Insurers must be present where customers who spend more time on social networks . However, they must manage ‘ inconcordances ‘ time : the insurer is in a long time validation process , so that the customer requires immediate response time . Insurers will have to find a compromise to adapt their processes , under penalty of discontent ” , says Jean -Luc Gambey , Partner, Molitor Consult.

This reactivity at any time impacts the internal organization of companies. ” The issue is not yet fully perceived by the entire profession. Insurance companies will have to provide a work environment in line with demand, perhaps with extended time slots . To do this they need to recruit sales force , “said Eric Veron , director of insurance business in France , at Accenture .

Today, organizations are beginning to fall into place in order to understand customer knowledge through social networks. Thus, Maif as in many insurers , a team is responsible for ensuring that what happens on social networks . ” This mission saver allows us to gain experience and responsiveness to these new modes of communication ,” says Jean- Marc Willmann , Deputy Director Operations and Relationship Maif members . Patrick Durand, Senior Manager at Solucom , ” insurers must ensure their e -reputation , to react in a crisis or conveyed on social networks negative image .” The speed and magnitude of the resonance effect have nothing to do with the standards of recent years.