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Sheila’s Wheels : Comment on the gender ruling

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The ruling of the European Court of Justice will affect millions of women across the EU from 21 December 2012 causing premiums to rise artificially in a way that no longer truly reflects women’s risk as drivers or the cost of their claims.

Sheilas’ Wheels has always believed that calculating prices based on the relative risks and claims costs of men and women is accepted by UK consumers and appropriate.

When the ruling becomes law in the UK, Sheilas’ Wheels will comply with it but has no intention of changing its marketing or diluting its appeal to women.  The company believes that car insurance has historically been designed ‘by men, for men’ and Sheilas’ Wheels benefits, designed with women in mind, correct some of the outdated practices that still exist today. That will continue.

Adrian Webb, Head of Communications at Sheilas’ Wheels, said:
“Sheilas’ Wheels has always insured men but most males simply aren’t attracted to our brand and we don’t see this changing. We brought car insurance up to date by including benefits designed with women in mind that were absent in the market. Our handbag cover recognises that even a handbag, let alone its contents, is worth more than most policies’ personal possessions limits.

“Despite this ruling, we will continue to market to women and to celebrate our pink brand because it does not prevent female-focused marketing.  Over the course of the transition, we will make the changes necessary to comply but the huge proportion of women already with Sheilas’ Wheels will help us to maintain our highly competitive position.

“We aim to be the natural home for female motorists in the coming years as we have been to date.”

Source : Sheila’s Wheels Press Release