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Sainsbury’s : pets suffering from human medication

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UK pet owners are endangering their animals by giving them human medication before taking them to a vet, new research by Sainsbury’s has revealed.

The research interviewed 50 veterinarians and found that 65 per cent had seen an increase in the amount of pets being administered after taking over the counter and prescription medicine.

One surgery reported it was receiving two or three calls a day from worried pet owners, whose animals had reacted badly to medication such as paracetamol, which can cause irreversible liver or kidney problems.

Some hyperactive pets had been given anti-depressants to calm them down causing vomiting and lethargy and even violent tremors and seizures in some cases. The research also revealed that Ibuprofen had been given to some pets, which can cause serious ulcers and kidney problems.

The finding come after a gocompare.com study revealed that less than half of Brits actually insure their pets.

“Vet fees are on the increase and the thought of paying a consultation fee for a visit to the vet in addition to any treatment required could be a daunting prospect, especially if your cat or dog seems like it could be easily treated with some over the counter, household medication.” said Helen Williams, Head of Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance.

“We would urge pet owners not to take any risks with their pet’s health and to consider pet insurance which will cover the cost of the expert care your pet needs.”