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It is important for insurance agencies to engage with their clients on social media

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fishbat, one of the leading online marketing firms, comments on an article by Insurance Journal, which discusses why it is important for insurance agencies to engage with their clients on social media.

On August 19, fishbat, one of the leading online marketing firms, responds to an article published by Insurance Journal on August 5th titled “Social Media: It’s Here to Stay,” which explains why social media is an important marketing tool for insurance agencies.

According to the article, insurance agencies believe that social media is not just a passing trend. This is because they have learned how to find out how to research their target market through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as how to properly engage with them. For instance, the article says a company might be wasting its time if it’s just posting its commercial policies on Facebook instead of communicating with its audience.

The article suggests that a business should promote themselves in one out of every seven posts. The rest of the Facebook posts should be fun, engaging, and educational. The article mentions how some insurance agencies have used local events as a springboard for posting information on social media. For example, the article notes that a local fire, which was caused by a gas leak, prompted a company to warn its followers that it could happen to anyone.

Justin Maas, vice president of client relations at fishbat, one of the nation’s leading online marketing firms, believes that every business should take advantage of social media. “Some business owners are still debating whether or not they should use social media,” he says. “The longer they hesitate, the longer they prevent themselves from receiving valuable information which will help them in the future. It will also help users.”

Maas also agrees that social media is here to stay. “We are only beginning to discover just how much social media can help us communicate with each other and gather information,” he says. “Within the next decade, I believe that social media will be so ingrained in society that everyone is going to wonder how in the world we could function without it.”

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