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Co-Operative : beware on ‘Danger Day’

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Today is the most dangerous day of the year on UK roads, with an average of 29% more claims relating to car accidents happening on this day, the Co-Operative reports.

For three consecutive years claims increased by 129% on December 17 compared wth a typical day of the year, the insurer reports. They have aptly named December 17 ‘Danger Day’.

“Our data shows that people are more likely to be involved in a car crash on 17 December than any other day of the year,” says Grant Mitchell, Head of motor insurance at The Co-operative.

“This is probably down to a combination of the ‘pre-Christmas rush’ when everyone is dashing to the supermarket or to buy last minute gifts along with the fact that people also feel tired and sluggish from the Christmas party season, which makes it harder to concentrate on the road.

“Of course, when these factors are combined with busy roads, bad weather and the fact that the days are at their shortest, accidents can and do happen.”

The data shows that more accidents happen in the week leading up to Christmas than in any other week of the year, with car crash claims up by 94% between December 17 and 25.