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A Tory MP condemned the ECJ’s ruling

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The court ruled on 1 March that insurers could no longer charge women lower car insurance premiums than men because it breached sex discrimination rules.

The change, which could mean higher insurance premiums for women drivers, will come into effect in December 2012, giving the industry time to adjust their prices.

During business questions on 3 March 2011, Kettering MP Philip Hollobone said the ruling was “another example of an unaccountable European institution striking a blow against good old-fashioned common sense”.

“We all know that women drivers are better than men”, he remarked.

The ruling is also likely to affect the cost of other types of insurance, such as life insurance and the cost of an annuity – a regular pension income.

Replying for the government, Leader of the House Sir George Young said he shared the “disappointment” at the court’s decision.

“We made it absolutely clear that we think it was right to use gender in assessing risk and coming to a decision on premiums.

“We now plan to have a discussion with Financial Services Authority and Association of British Insurers to minimise the disruption to British consumers, both men and women,” he told MPs.

Source : BBC