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XL Group Gets Personal with a New Multi Media Marketing Campaign Highlighting its Insurance Business Appetite

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With headlines such as “Scott wants tech firm to share firewall” or “Lorraine seeking company to share her umbrella”, XL Group has launched a new marketing campaign called “personal.” The ads feature XL’s own underwriters and risk engineers across print and online trade publications, social media and events, and highlight the company’s business appetite and broad range of commercial products and services.

“By showcasing our sector-leading talent and expertise, this campaign takes an innovative approach to talking to brokers and clients about our insurance capabilities and services, and is clear about the business we want to write, all in the down-to-earth attitude that we’re known for,” said Greg Hendrick, Chief Executive Officer, Insurance, XL Group.

The campaign was developed by XL Group’s internal Communications & Marketing team. Elliott Bundy, Global Head of Communications & Marketing, added: “With operations in over 20 countries around the world and with the ability to serve clients in over 140 countries, we wanted to find a concept that everyone could relate to, regardless of language or culture, as well as take advantage of today’s interconnected world. We believe the “personal” concept is a great way to tell our story and talk more directly about our business appetite across a variety of communication platforms.

In addition to traditional trade publications, we are leveraging our social media footprint – LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube – as well as our own Fast Fast Forward thought leadership site to better identify and connect with our target audience and encourage dialogue about our offering, the topic of risk and ultimately support business goals.”

The campaign is planned to launch in North America at the RIMS conference, taking place from April 27-30, and will be rolled out in Europe, Latin America and Asia beginning in May.

Meet XL’s ad stars at http://xlgroup.com/insurance/get_personal