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What is Covered in a Standard Homeowner Insurance Policy?

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Homeowner insurance will provide you with the protection you need on your property in the event of fire or other damage that could destroy home partially or completely. A standard insurance policy will give you the protection you need for the home itself and your belongings.

If you want to take out a mortgage to purchase a home, you will not be able to sign the final papers without showing proof that you have insurance in place. Such a policy offers you a package deal. In addition to providing you with protection against loss of your home and belongings, it also gives you protection if you are sued by someone who is injured while on your property as well as any damage caused by pets.

With a standard homeowner insurance (http://cheap-insurance-rates.com/home/tallahassee.cfm) policy, you do have protection against many standard problems that arise. For example, if part of your kitchen is destroyed by fire, the insurance will cover the cost of having the repairs done. If you are unable to live in your home while the repairs are being carried out, the coverage extends to paying for suitable accommodations for you and your family.

However, if you do not keep up the maintenance of the home and damage occurs because of this negligence, then you will not be covered under the terms of the policy. Other exceptions include damage caused by flood and earthquakes. In order to have coverage for these events, you do need to take out extra coverage under your policy. Flood refers to outside events that cause water to come into your home. If the home floods as a result of broken water pipes, then this is covered under a standard policy.

You do need to read all sections of your home owner’s insurance (http://cheap-insurance-rates.com/home/tampa.cfm) policy to understand what is and isn’t covered. A standard insurance policy will cover the structure of the home in cases of damage caused by fire, hurricane, lightning or hail. The exceptions to the policy will be listed in a separate section, which is why you need to know the types of accidents that are not covered and be able to make the decisions as to whether or not you do need additional coverage.

Any outbuildings on your property will also be covered under the policy and the belongings in your home, such as your furniture and clothing. However, anything stored in these outbuildings is not covered under the policy. If you have a lawn mower, an ATV or a snowmobile stored there, for example, these need their own insurance policies.

In order to insure proper coverage for your belongings under a homeowner insurance policy, you need to have replacement cost. This means that if these items are destroyed or damaged beyond repair you will get the amount of money you need to replace them at today’s rates. Without this coverage, the cost is subject to depreciation.

The insurance provider will look at the price you paid when you made the purchase and then deduct amounts for each year since them. It is possible that without such coverage you would not realize enough money to replace your furniture. The coverage on these items is usually half of the amount of the coverage on the home itself. You can also choose to have off-premises coverage for some of your belongings – usually 10% of the coverage you have on these items when in your home.

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