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Is Travel Insurance A Luxury That We Can Do Without?

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Most of us, when organising a holiday, seek to keep costs to a minimum. Even if cash isn’t an issue, travellers like to pay for only those things that will provide enjoyment or comfort: whether that’s an extra payment of £60 for an upgrade to first class whilst travelling, or £30 for a fun pre-planned activity with the kids. So, when it comes to travel insurance, you are probably wondering if it is simply an unnecessary luxury you could do without.

Travel insurance provides financial protection in the event of anything going wrong with your holiday. It could ensure the funds for important medical treatment, or provide you with a refund if you have to cancel your holiday for unexpected reasons. It could potentially prevent costs from mounting up to thousands of pounds. This in itself is why each and every one of us, when embarking upon a holiday abroad, need to take out a travel insurance policy.

Medical matters

From serious injuries, accidents and emergencies to cover for minor illnesses requiring medical attention; good cover is the key to getting the worry-free holiday you crave. If you become ill or get hurt without insurance, you will be in a lot of trouble; potentially, you could end up with debts that could wipe out your savings. Purchasing a travel insurance policy will eliminate this risk. Even if you don’t need to use your insurance policy whilst on holiday (which is the case in most circumstances, thankfully), the payment gives you complete peace of mind. It should also be remembered that medical institutions abroad do not operate like those in the UK. Hospitals and clinics may refuse treatment if you don’t pay up in advance when uninsured.

Airport troubles

Anyone who has travelled by aeroplane before will know of all the potential things that can go wrong. From missed flights and lost luggage, to long delays and last-minute cancellations, it’s evident that due to the likelihood of such an event occurring, taking out travel insurance could definitely pay off. Travel insurance can help if you miss your flight through no fault of your own. It is also beneficial if your luggage is lost, or indeed if the delivery of your luggage is delayed, with appropriate reimbursement for your loss. If your flight is delayed, you can claim compensation for lost holiday time.

Destination disaster

Travel insurance could help with issues regarding civil unrest and terrorism. Whatever the reasons for your visit, circumstances may arise in which it would be best for you and your family to be evacuated from the country. Emergency transport in this case will be arranged. Any costs associated with this will be covered with travel insurance. Even if the region you are travelling to is secure, life-threatening weather conditions may arise during certain times of the year. Any financial inconvenience because of this will also be dealt with by your insurance company.

What if I’m holidaying in the UK?

Those holidaying in the UK may want to think twice about taking out travel insurance. As you are on home turf, it may not seem necessary if you are already insured with your mode of transport (for example, if you have car insurance). That said, if you have booked accommodation which could be affected by travel issues, you may wish to look for an appropriate insurance policy. In addition, those participating in sports and activity holidays will need to look for insurance cover.

Prevent black clouds from ruining your holiday. Organise travel insurance the easy way before travelling; use a price comparison website.