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Travel insurance claims are written in the stars

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All twelve signs of the zodiac have certain traits and quirks associated with them and travel Insurance specialist, Columbus Direct, have found that star signs have strong correlations with almost all areas of travel insurance claims.

Data analysts at Columbus Direct found that Gemini, Cancer and Pisces are the three signs most likely to make a claim on their travel insurance. Meanwhile, the usually adventurous Sagittarius made the lowest amount of claims of any sign in the zodiac.

Air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius made the most claims for travel delay. Of these, Aquarians topped the bill, making 92% more claims for delay than their Cancerian cousins, and 28% more than the overall average.

Cancerians make up the largest proportion of medical claims with 10.6% more claims than fellow water sign, Pisces, which came in second place. Perhaps the sensitive crustaceans – said to be plagued by stomach ailments – suffer from a few travel tummy troubles of their own while abroad?

Librans make the most claims for lost passports, some two-thirds above average. Known for being indecisive, Librans also made the most claims for missed departure. Maybe they just couldn’t make up their mind on the best way to get to the airport?

Gemini claim the highest amount of all signs for loss of baggage and money. The average Gemini claims for 27% more baggage than most claimants. Those born under the constellation of the twins are said to have split personalities, so perhaps they’re subconsciously packing for two?

Aries – the ram – believed to be adventurous, courageous and determined. Could this be why Arians made the fewest claims of all 12 signs for cancellation of a holiday? Cautious Scorpios on the other hand, are the most likely to cancel their trip.

Greg Lawson, Head of Retail at Columbus Direct, commented: “Our research has found an interesting connection between claims and star signs, noting unexpected correlations between signs of the zodiac and reasons for making a travel insurance claim. Whilst astrology is often taken with a pinch of salt, Columbus recommend everyone check they have adequate travel insurance in place, whichever sign of the zodiac they were born under, to ensure they are covered whatever their travel destiny holds.
“At Columbus, we want people to enjoy their holiday, whether that means sitting on a beach or studying the stars, but we do urge travellers to know what they are covered for, rather than leaving their fate to be decided by the celestial bodies.”