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TGSL : launches General Ledger, SharePoint and Outlook Integration

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Transactor Global Solutions announces three new developments for 2013. Sharepoint integration was launched earlier this year whilst a General Ledger integration option, and Microsoft Outlook integration option will both be available from Q2 2013. 

Ian Blakesley, Chief Technology Officer, TGSL, said,  “As a Microsoft .Net software house MSD Nav offers us great integration options.  There is not much about a GL solution that is insurance specific, so we see MSD Nav as adding value to Transactor, which already offers first class insurance enterprise sales accounts management for B2B and B2C businesses.  NAV is a very credible and referenceable choice for us, with nearly 100,000 higher-end enterprise clients and the onward investment that will keep it ahead of the pack.”

The General Ledger integration was initially built and piloted by long standing Transactor user Cornish Mutual, with technical support from TGSL, and has been live for over a year.  The facility has been built using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).  For General Ledger integration, Transactor is used as the sales ledger, and a nightly extract file is exported into Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  NAV is part of the Microsoft Dynamics family, and has been evolved by Microsoft from market leading finance package Great Plains, acquired by Microsoft in 2001.

TGSL partially completed Microsoft Outlook integration in 2009, but now wants to offer complete integration.  Full Outlook integration is being completed in the 6.3.2 Transactor version, and is due to be released in Q2 2013.  The development will include full Exchange server integration allowing user mailboxes to be accessed and explored from within Transactor, and emails selected and moved straight into Transactor’s native file handling capability, utilising additional version control and note-recording options.

Simon Macray, Director of Insurer Relations, TGSL, said, “Our growth in SME commercial business, and sales success around MGAs and London Market operations has led us to develop Outlook integration.  A lot of quotation management is still conducted via email in certain business classes, and whilst we think there are more efficient ways of automating this type of business, we can add immediate value by offering Outlook integration to our users.  However the integration of Outlook at client, policy and claim level will also come in very useful across a whole range of day-to-day processes, so we are excited about the new facilities.”

The launch of SharePoint integration paves the way for TGSL’s new document management solution, currently in development and likely to pilot in Q3 2013.  The Microsoft .Net architecture utilised by TGSL in Transactor means that MS SharePoint capability is more or less ‘out of the box’, and a number of TGSL’s users have had SharePoint deployed for quite some time.  “With clients’ strategies pointing us more and more towards SaaS and Cloud based deployment, and the IT savvy nature of Transactor clients, the greater use of SharePoint is an obvious choice for us.” concludes Blakesley.