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Taiwan brothers to pay $1.8 mln for rail crash scam

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Taiwan’s high court on Wednesday ordered two  brothers — one of whom is dead — to pay $1.8 million over a train derailment  they staged in an unsuccessful bid to kill the older man’s wife and claim an  insurance payout.

Prosecutors claimed Lee Shuang-chuang so wanted his Vietnamese spouse dead  that when she survived the crash he injected her with snake venom as she lay  in a hospital bed.

Lee then committed suicide a week later, leaving his brother Lee Tai-an to  face the music alone.

Lee Tai-an, meanwhile, is currently appealing against 13-year jail term for  his part in the murder of the woman, whose death in a railway accident had  reportedly been insured for $2.3 million.

The high court in Taipei on Wednesday ordered Lee Tai-an and the  beneficiaries of Lee Shuang-chuang — his two sons — to pay around $1.8  million dollars compensation to rail authorities for the 2006 track sabotage  that bounced three carriages down a slope and injured two people, as well as  the elder Lee’s wife.

Taipei, March 9, 2011 (AFP)