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Swiftcover.com : worried Brits sacrifice summer holidays to save jobs

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Swiftcover.com recent research shows almost a quarter of Brits will not take summer holidays due to financial pressure, mounting workloads and fear of being made redundant.

The research, conducted as part of swiftcover.com’s quarterly Life Index – which rates the nation’s feelings across all aspects of life – also found that of those who would be taking a holiday this year, many would be likely to have to work during their time off: five million said that they will check their emails daily, while 1.5 million will have to carry out work duties while on holiday. Moreover, 1.25 million UK holiday makers will make “regular” calls to their office, and 1.3 million chose a destination that would allow them to work from holiday.

Asked why they will forgo their holiday, the majority (66 per cent) cited financial pressures as being the main reason, while more than half a million (580,000) said that they were worried about job security and wanted to commit more time to work. Meanwhile, 550,000 of those who would not be taking a holiday blamed the threat of redundancy, and said that they needed to be seen to be working in the office.

Amanda Edwards, senior marketing manager at swiftcover.com commented: “The country is still gripped with concern by economic conditions so Brits are understandably worried about the impact having a holiday may have on their jobs. According to our research, not only are huge numbers of people sacrificing their holidays to fend off the threat of job loss, but those going away for a break are having to report back to the office on work while away.”

Those aged 45 to 54 years old are most likely to sacrifice their holiday this year, with 41 per cent missing out; compared to 28 per cent of 16 to 24 year olds and nearly a third (32 per cent) of 25 to 34 year olds. However, savvy 25 to 34 year olds are four times more likely to choose a destination that allows them to work while on holiday than older travellers, enabling them to work while on holiday and avoid having to stay in the office.

Edwards concluded: “Summer holidays are a chance to relax and recuperate after a period of hard work, and the benefits of taking time off are well-documented. Brits working full time are entitled to at least 28 days of paid leave, and using the time off to relax or travel will broaden your horizons, open your eyes to new things and allow you to return to work feeling more productive and focused.”

Source : Swiftcover.com