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Study : UK MOT law ignored by 2.6 Million

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A study has revealed that 2.6 million drivers in Britain would consider regularly driving their cars even if they had not passed an MOT test.

Research commissioned by Kwik-Fit reveals that 1.6 million drivers would regularly make short journeys even if their car’s MOT had elapsed, while a million would be comfortable making longer journeys.

The figures could cause car insurance rates to rise in the future as cars being driven while not having valid MOTs are more dangerous and could be considered more likely to be involved in traffic accidents.

The research also discovered that passengers are even less bothered, with 17 million prepared to be driven in a car that has not passed its MOT, while 8 per cent of men are prepared to drive without a valid MOT, compared to only 4 per cent of women.

Drivers in the north and the Midlands are least likely to drive a car that has failed its MOT, but drivers in the south-east are most likely, with Scotland, Wales and the south-west  close behind.

Source : Confused.com News Release