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Strong winds expected for weekend

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With more windy weather expected over the weekend, resident are being urged to take the necessary precaustions and make sure their homes can withstand the storm.

Only a few weeks after the storms that rocked the UK at the start of January, more strong winds are expected to cause damage this weekend.

Tomorrow [will be] a windy day,” the BBC weather bureau reported. “The combination of strong winds and snow showers for upland parts of Northern Scotland will make very difficult conditions”

Despite deceptively calm blue skies forecast for the south, the wind won’t be isolated to the north.

It’s not just going to be windy in Northern Scotland, it’ll be very blustery wherever you are … even in England and Wales you could see some gusts of 50 miles an hour or higher.”

The forecasts gives homeowners in the UK some time to take the appropriate measure of securing your properties. Things to do before the wind arrives include:

– put any small outdoor furniture inside

– secure down any outdoor furniture which is too big to be put inside

– park the car in the garage to avoid damage from flying objects

– fasten all doors and windows

A few tips for when the storm hits:

– report any damage to your insurer as soon as possible

– don’t try to do any repairs yourself, especially if the damage is on the roof,

– stay indoors until the storm has passed

The storms at the beginning of the month saw insurance companies report huge increases in the amount of claims they received. The damage caused should act as a warning to UK home owners to take the necessary precautions when possible before a storm.

The winds are expected to stick around on Sunday as well. While it should be a brighter day on Sunday the winds will remain, making it feel colder than the temperature will read.