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Steps to File a Personal Injury Claim

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After getting injured in an accident, if you can prove that the accident was someone else’s mistake then you may be able to get reimbursement. Most of the personal injury cases are settled before trial but still injured person must file the case. Here are some steps to file a personal injury case.

  • Make a Note of every details of incident : After accident make a note of whatever happened to you and actions you take after accident including, phone calls you made, doctor’s treatment, property repairs and everything else you remember. 
  • Check if your Injury is covered with any Insurance Policy: Checking your insurance policies can help you to understand that you have any chance to collect financial damage claims.
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  • Collect Evidence: Try to collect evidence like photos of you injuries, place where accident happened and any other documents related injury like medical report, doctor’s prescriptions or any other information. 
  • Get Details of Witness: Try to get information and details about anyone who happened to see the accident. Call them and to get in touch with them if you need them to testify later.  
  • Hire an Attorney: After collecting above given details now it’s time to hire a professional personal injury attorney in your local area. For example you live in Philadelphia then you can look for personal injury attorneys Philadelphia. Attorney will help you to get claim through the system. You should be comfortable talking with him. Share everything you know about your case. 
  • File your Complaint: Now it’s the time file your complaint, send notice to all defendants you believe is liable for your injuries. If you not have any attorney then you can send normal notification and give them a deadline to respond to you. 
  • Try to Settle you Claim: Your personal injury attorney will send a letter to the defendant to let them know how much you will accept to settle the claim. But all this should be happen with the guidance of your attorney. 
  • File Complaint in the Court: If the insurance company or defendant not agreed to do settlement of your claims then you should file a complaint in the court. Once complaint is filed the lawsuit is set in motion. 
  • Provide all Documents to your Attorneys: After filing complaint you must provide all documents related to your case to your attorney. After filing complaint the first stage is known as discovery, during discovery process both sides share evidence in the court and you need appear in the court periodically to inform the judge status of the case.  
  • Attend Depositions: Both attorneys make take depositions, in which they take live interview with witnesses of the case.  
  • Settlement Discussions: During discussions it may be possible that the defendants will reach settlement after the discovery process. 
  • Prepare for Trial: If you are unable to settle your case or if defendant not agree to settle outside of court then your attorney should be prepare for trial in court to get your claim.


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