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SSP Update

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Apologies again for the continued disruption to your business caused by our outage.

We are continuing with our restoration process, have a number added to the number of customers live and operational, with others in testing and preparation for implementation tomorrow.

The order of implementation is partly driven by the scale and complexity of the individual customer’s system. Over the course of today we have put live customers across a range of different profiles, including some of the larger and more complex customers along with others that are smaller and less complex. This approach has helped us to refine the restoration process and the pace of implementation will accelerate as we move forward.

Another factor that influences the timing of implementation of an individual customer is the availability of the non-transactional data that we require to complete the configuration, and that the customer requires to support it operations. This data resides in one of a number of file stores. We have ‘unpacked’ the first two of our four file stores, and work on another two is progressing. We are focusing on completing the unpacking of these stores as rapidly as possible, while getting customers for whom data is already available live in parallel.

Our account managers have been calling customers that are nearing live ahead of the day that we expect to enable them to get online, to inform them of timing and preparation arrangements. We apologise that some of these calls have turned out to be premature because the last few steps of operational testing and deployment have taken longer than expected.

We recognise that all of our affected customers need to be live as soon as possible. Work continues around the clock on the configuration, implementation and data unpacking work.

A further update on progress will be provided tomorrow.

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