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Motor insurance : Continuous Insurance Enforcement with images

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The new Continuous Insurance Enforcement regulation requires that car owners be insured or declare their vehicles off the road (SORN).

The Motor Insurers’ bureau launched a new TV advert, Stay Insured Stay Legal,  so motorists are aware of the new law requirements. Indeed it will be considered as an offence to posses a vehicle with out insurance or if a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) is not made.

This is a new regulation known as the Continuous Insurance Enforcement to prevent uninsured driving. In the long term this should help prevent further rise in motor insurance premiums if not help reduce them.

As of 20 June 2011 motorists will be affected by the new regulations. Enforcement can be done by simply comparing the Motor Insurance Database, managed by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, and the DVLA database.

This TV campaign should raise public awareness on the government’s efforts to reduce uninsured driving. The TV campaign will raise awareness of the government’s crackdown on uninsured drivers, which will affect motorists from June 20th, making it is an offence to keep an uninsured vehicle, rather than just to drive when uninsured.

The new Stay Insured Stay Legal regulation in video :