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Sheilas’ Wheels : research shows costs of an average Saturday night

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New research reveals that Saturday nights in are the new nights out as more than four in five Brits (86 per cent) are opting to cosy up with friends and family in front of the television in the run up to Christmas – but are still forking out a small fortune to do so.

The Saturday night study by Sheilas’ Wheels home insurance reveals that having four guests over for a girls’ night in to enjoy the likes of Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor and Take Me Out can set a host back up to £173.55 with the majority spent on alcohol or takeaways – up to £11.24 and £10.92 per person respectively.  With over a third of Brits (37 per cent) having at least four guests over on a typical Saturday night it is no wonder costs are soaring.

In comparison, a night at the local pub will set Brits back £17.01 each on average and an evening eating out in a restaurant comes in at £21.95 per person.  As an alternative, Brits spend £28.00 on average for a family ticket to the cinema.

Two fifths of Brits (40 per cent) will stay in every Saturday evening in the run up to the festive season with 29 per cent saying that Saturday night TV is too good to miss, a further 61 per cent admitting that the cold weather is a deterrent when it comes to a night on the tiles and 59 per cent claiming they actually have more fun at home.

A night in with friends and family costs £5.55 more per person (that is £22.20 extra for a family of four) than it did ten years ago – despite 57 per cent of Brits choosing their living room as their weekend destination over the dance floor in a bid to save money.

Following the controversy of the first live show, X Factor topped the list of the nation’s favourite Saturday night entertainment with 33 per cent of the votes, followed by Strictly Come Dancing (28 per cent) and sporting Saturday night staple Match of the Day (21 per cent).

45 per cent of hosts admit to ordering takeaway for their visitors rather than cooking up a storm in the kitchen – with 72 per cent dialling a dinner even if they are spending the Saturday night alone or with their partner.  With the average large takeaway pizza priced at £16.49, a costly Chinese coming in at £37.12 for a family of four and a mouth-watering Indian around £46.30, it is no wonder that the expense of Saturday nights in has escalated(3).

Guests are also digging deep spending up to £66.51 on drinks for their hosts and other guests and ordering taxis of up to £38.31 on average to be able to enjoy a tipple at a friend’s without worrying about having to drive home.

As if cosying up on the couch was not costly enough, over half of women (55 per cent) have even forked out for a new outfit to enjoy a night in front of the television – inspired by the glamorous judges on X Factor and outlandish outfits on Strictly – spending up to £100.

With talent shows taking a front row seat on Saturday evenings, over a quarter of Brits (26 per cent) admit to recreating these scenes in their homes – from sing-a-long sessions to energetic dance-offs.  It is perhaps no wonder then that 14 per cent of over-enthusiastic guests have caused damage to a host’s home and a further one in five (20 per cent) have broken or knocked something over in their own household.

Jacky Brown at Sheilas’ Wheels home insurance said: “A night in was once the favoured option for cash-strapped Brits.  However, our research shows how spending can escalate especially if you are the host.  Planning ahead and making your own Saturday night treats in the kitchen can keep costs down – and if you are the guest, always bring a small gift for your host.

“Unnecessary damage to homes can be avoided by taking care and if you are expecting energetic guests it is probably best to put valuables and breakables in another room.”


The average Saturday night in watching TV costs £34.71 per person:

  • Alcohol £11.24
  • Takeaway £10.92
  • Snacks (e.g. crisps, dips, sweets) £6.23
  • Soft drinks £6.32