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Plexus Law : Public Order seminar to be held in Manchester

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Plexus Law, part of the Parabis Group, will hold a seminar in Manchester on 2 December 2011. The main focus of this debate is set on one question : “is the country’s Public Order law still fit or purpose?”

The specialist Police Team at Plexus Law will run this seminar in the wake of the riots that took place this summer in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool.

Plexus Law is bringing together experienced police officers, lawyers and barristers to look at issues around policing, arrest and risk assessment but the firm anticipates the biggest buzz will be created by an hour-long debate around the proposition that the law of Public Order is antiquated and inadequate.

Simon Hills, Partner, who leads Plexus Law’s Public Sector Group of which the Police Team is a part, said: “The last 30 years have seen our police forces face an unprecedented series of public order situations. From the miners’ strike and football hooliganism of the mid ‘80s, through political protests to more recent mass demonstrations, often hijacked by fringe groups hell-bent on causing trouble, operational commanders have had to attempt to keep order using a whole range of powers, often antiquated, and balanced against a backdrop of human rights.

 “Last year we raised concern about the adequacy of those powers and the summer riots highlighted the need for debate. The Home Office has now invited consultation in respect of three discreet areas of policing, but our debate aims to consider the whole picture, informed by the views of those at the sharp-end of public order policing as well as legal experts and those who consider the costs in human and financial terms of dealing with disorder.”

The Public Order seminar is to be held at Plexus Law’s Manchester offices at City Tower, Piccadilly Plaza on 2 December from 10am to 3.30pm. Among the key speakers are barrister David Sandiford of Cobden House Chambers and PC Andy Mather of the Metropolitan Police, an accredited public order tactical adviser and trainer.

Source : Plexus Law