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Parabis Scotland expands and opens a second office

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Parabis Scotland is expanding within six months of set up with the recruitment of an experienced defendant insurance law team and the opening of an office in Edinburgh.

Parabis Scotland opened last November offering claimant and defendant insurance law services from a new office in Glasgow.  The firm has now attracted an experienced team from Brodies LLP, who will be based in Edinburgh and will trade under the Plexus Law brand – the defendant insurance law arm of Parabis Scotland.

Laurie Traynor is joining as a partner with associates Stuart Mackie, Julie Fisher, Sarah Crewes and Solicitor Advocate James Peden.

“From the start the demands of our clients have driven activities,” said Tony O’Malley, who heads up Parabis Scotland. “We’ve been delighted by how well our first move in Scotland has been received by clients.  They have wanted us to grow our defendant insurance law capabilities and that is exactly what we’re doing.”

In contrast to English competitors who have merged with or acquired Scottish firms, Parabis has decided to grow more steadily but aspirationally, keeping tight control of cost management.

“This move demonstrates our commitment to becoming a serious force in the defendant insurance law market in Scotland. By growing organically and attracting experienced teams, we can manage our costs better, which is what clients demand in the current market, while also delivering high levels of expertise and service,” said O’Malley.

Tim Oliver, Senior Partner of Plexus Law, said: “This is the first stage in creating a multi-disciplinary insurance practice in Scotland. Glasgow has been a great move for us. With this latest move we will have the demand, capability and reach to service general loss cases and more diverse defendant work in Scotland.

“The quality of the team we’ve attracted, and around which we are building our Edinburgh office, illustrates how serious we are about being here and how keen our insurance clients are to be able to work with us on both sides of the border. It’s great news.”