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News Insurances : new version of the web site

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Readers of News Insurances will now enjoy a new enhanced version of the online source of information dedicated to the insurance sector.

The objective is to better help the visitor search for information. This new version is a real evolution.The idea is to optimise the organic referencing of insurance related topics while respecting and staying vigilant concerning search rules set up by search engines.

The construction of the new version is based on a three months eye tracking study. Sébastien Jakobowsky, co-founder and Communication Director, sais “this is what allowed us to understand the navigation process of our viewers. The location of the information on each page has been carefully studied to meet expectations of our visitors”.

Audio-visual content also occupies a strategic place. The two main broadcasts are now signalled by a small camera pictogram. This will allow the reader to differentiate the video content from the standard article.

The second version of News Insurances will also bring strong evolution on the sideline: “ this is a true work of technical optimisation,” declares Nicolas Mortel, co-founder and Publishing Director. “To keep a head start with organic referencing on insurance related topics, we have to be mindful of the rules imposed by Google, Yahoo or Bing. We have developed a technical architecture that is flexible and at the top of the heavyweight search champions’ requirements”.

Advertisers have not been forgotten since they dispose of a privileged presence to communicate their campaigns. “The whole difficulty is to offer an efficient way to spread the commercial proposals of our sponsors with out indisposing our readers,” sais Romain Deslandres, co-founder and Business Director.  “We have sought advice from a leading online advertising agency to build and optimise the advertising space on the site. We offer of course the usual devices, and even more. We have innovative possibilities, which bring real profitability to the advertisers. Henceforth, we can guarantee a strong, immediate and measurable impact for insurance events from companies who want to make a lasting impression”.

This alchemy between visitors and advertisers seem to operate on the French version News-Assurances, as can testify the click rate ratios observed on the skilfully distributed commercial ads throughout the web site. “We have privileged in 2011 the advertisers who bring an added value in their way of advertising On Line. The current success of News Assurances in France is such that we can allow ourselves to be somewhat picky in the choice of our sponsors” concludes Romain Deslandres.


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