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New app : Pothole Reporting App For Motorists

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Motorists who have been forced to claim on their car insurance due to the damage inflicted on tyres and suspension by potholes can now easily report the hazards with a new iPhone app.

The Fill That Hole app reports problems via the Cyclists’ Touring Club (CTC) website and uses a photograph of the pothole and GPS technology to pinpoint the location of the pothole to the relevant local authority.

The app, which was commissioned by CTC and Aggregate Industries, will offer millions of road users who suffer injury or damage to their vehicles because of potholes the chance to instantly report them.

Some 1.4 million potholes were reported in England and Wales last year and it is believed that £9.5 billion needs to be spent to bring the roads up to standard. It also highlights which local authority is responding to the issue with data outlining fix rates and league tables of local authorities across the country. Figures released by CTC show an increase of 133 per cent in the number of potholes reported to the Fill That Hole website against just 18 per cent that have been fixed to date.

Source : Confused.com