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Need for Culturally Competent Health Care Gains Momentum

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In an effort to reduce disparities in health care, the Department of Health and Human Services last week awarded $14 million to support programs designed to identify the health care treatments that work best for ethnic minorities.

According to Andy Hiles, Aon Consulting senior vice president for Large Market Growth and Innovation, “We recognize that poor health and lack of access to quality care among minority or low income workers affects employer-sponsored health plans. The disparity in health and medical care outcomes among employee populations is a real issue for many companies. It leads to increased medical, disability and workers’ compensation costs and drives down organizational productivity.”

Aon is first in this area, already taking systemic action to help clients close the health gap by addressing minority and low wage worker health care through a Culturally Competent Health Care initiative. Aon’s Culturally Competent Health Care initiative is a practical approach to understanding and addressing health disparities within the workforce.

As one part of this initiative, Aon collects data on how major health plans measure and address disparities in health and care. Clients use this insight, along with other measures, to determine which health plans are best suited to provide quality, efficient and affordable health care for their workforce. This endeavor has the potential not only to provide cost advantages, but it also supports the important corporate social responsibility goals of diversity and inclusion.

Source : Aon Corporation Press Release