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Lorega : new Lorega 10 For Homes launched to provide fast response loss adjuster advice if disaster strikes

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Lorega has launched Lorega 10 For Homes, an affordable product that provides stricken homeowners with fast response access to independent loss adjusting experts.

Lorega 10 For Homes has been created to provide telephone support for brokers’ policyholders with underlying premiums below £2,500.  This practical advice will cover issues such as reducing the impact of a loss, organising quotes to start remedial work and how to replace damaged possessions.

Consistent with all Lorega products and services, Lorega 10 For Homes also aims to secure a fair settlement as quickly as possible.

While the original Lorega Loss Recovery Insurance policy continues to provide unlimited time for one of Lorega’s expert loss adjusters to handle all aspects of a household claim on the client’s behalf, Lorega 10 For Homes delivers a fixed 10 hours of advice at a significantly lower price.  This is designed to help the client to successfully negotiate with their insurers and settle claims in excess of £5,000.

The Lorega 10 For Homes product follows the successful launch of Lorega 10 For Businesses in October 2012 and extends the range of Lorega’s products to offer a wide range of insurance products tailored to specific needs of policyholders.

Neill Johnstone, Managing Director of Lorega said: “The devastation caused by the long cold winter highlights the need to help policyholders at home. Having access to an expert to help you know what information will be needed and what they should say to an insurance company can really speed up the settlement process.

Although brokers could deliver elements of this support themselves, by providing access to Lorega 10 For Homes, they are placing an expert loss adjuster in their client’s corner.  In our experience, when disaster strikes this fast response advice from an expert considerably cuts costs and reduces the time it takes for brokers, insurers and policyholders to deal with the often distressing problem.”