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Key moments in the customer relationship insurance

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The life events have an impact on the behavior of insurance consumers. Insurers to capture these moments to take stock of current contracts.

A number of events, including family-related , promote contact between the client and the insurer. These are key moments anniversary, birth of a child , a move, a change of occupation , vehicle creates new needs among the insured.

To express closeness , the insurer or intermediary must anticipate these moments and do not hesitate to make regular contact with the client. It will appreciate this proactive approach intended to provide him the answers he needs .

Suffice to say that the sinews of war is customer knowledge .
For Maif , which received for the tenth time the 1st prize of the customer relationship in the insurance sector, it is important to develop this pro- activity. “Our corporate culture is based on the quality of service to our members ,” says Jean- Marc Willmann , a Managing Director in the Directorate of Operations and Relationship Maif members . “We want to take the initiative to contact our members when family circumstances change , to achieve a balance of their contracts. We train our employees to adopt a clear position in relation to the shareholder, based on listening , words, intonation, behavior … For example the phone, we insist on the collection of accurate information so that if relay to another counselor , a member does not have to repeat history. In addition to daily managerial animation is centered on this relationship. ”

This pro- activity, increasingly adopted by insurers can anticipate contact with the insured before the disaster, and limits the rate of departure.