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iPhone : Application that provides support to drivers at the scene of an accident

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Responding to new research that shows 38% of drivers fail to capture sufficient third party details needed for making a claim, MORE TH>N has launched an iPhone application that provides support to drivers at the scene of an accident.

The Car Claim accident tool provides step by step guidance through safety precautions at the roadside, and prompts users to capture key information, including witness and accident information. There is also an option to take photos, as well as upload your current location through Global Positioning System (GPS)ii, which alongside the other information captured, can then be emailed to an address of the user’s choice.

MORE TH>N is the first UK insurer to take advantage of such mobile phone technology platforms to help customers at this critical time. After an accident, drivers are feeling shaken or stressed, meaning they can forget to record the necessary details. The Car Claim tool lends a guiding hand to help users gather the information needed to notify their insurer of a claim as soon as possible.

The Car Claim application is available from the Apple App store to download and store on phones for future use. The application is free and not exclusive to MORE TH>N customers – allowing users to input different insurer details.

Mark Christer, Managing Director for MORE TH>N, said: “A car accident is a traumatic experience and it’s easy for drivers to forget what information they need to gather from the scene. It’s a time when people really look to their insurer to provide support.

“Advancements in mobile technology have provided MORE TH>N with the opportunity to reach out and help our customers at this critical time – an opportunity which we are proud to be fully embracing. Car Claim should help users experience a smoother claim process with their insurance company, helping them to return to normal as soon as possible.”