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To insure or not to insure : that is the question

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Weather forecasters are warning of freezing temperatures, icy roads and snow over the weekend and into next week. While this may sound like a nightmare for most people, it is a dream come true for those planning on visiting the snow these holidays.

If you plan on hitting the slopes this Christmas, make sure you cover yourself with the right insurance. Broken bones at the snow are common and they can hurt your wallet more than the accident itself. But it doesn’t have to be this painful.

According to comparethemarket.com, a weeks insurance skiing in Europe for a single male in his 20’s varies from GBP11 to GBP50. If you were to break a bone at the snow you would have to cover initial hospital costs and rehabilitation costs, you would be out of pocket for the lift passes and ski-hire that went unused, and you may even miss out on income because you are unfit to work when you return, so GBP11 for a week isn’t a lot when you add up how much you could lose with an injury.

For a family of four it is even cheaper to be covered, with comparethemarket.com quoting a range of GBP22.09 and GBP112.22, or 5.50 to 28 per person.

So if you are thinking that it’s not worth taking out insurance for your ski trip or that you can’t afford it, think again. Taking the chance could save you 11 pounds, but it may just cost you thousands.