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Insurance Bad Faith – in Denial of Disability Insurance

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When a person purchases insurance, they assume that they will be protected by the insurance company against the loss for which their purchasing insurance for – either from injury or from some major or catastrophic event.

Unfortunately, it is our experience that this is not always true. Insurance companies sometimes look for ways to deny claims even if they do not have a valid or justifiable excuse for the denial of the claim. They do this because they know that many insured will do nothing and accept the insurance company’s denial of their claim. Even if they know their denial is wrong. When this occurs, it is called “bad faith”.

When you purchase insurance from your insurance company, the law recognizes that you place your trust, confidence and faith in them. This breach of that trust and confidence and the betrayal of the denial of your claim is the bad faith which is the basis of bringing a claim against the insurance company for its wrongful failure to pay you the benefits of your insurance policy. Examples of bad faith can involve a disability insurance company failing to investigate a claim, the delaying of the claims investigation for no apparent reason, the failure to provide payment on a claim which is covered, or the misrepresenting of the contract language in the insurance policy. Unfortunately, all of these items often occurs.

Consumers and professionals who have been unfairly denied long-term disability benefits may be entitled to compensation. Nadrich & Cohen are experts in insurance bad faith and in obtaining disability benefits for those who have been denied.

If your insurer has denied your disability benefits, please immediately contact us at the national Law firm of Nadrich and Cohen to learn your legal rights. Contact us at 1-800-218-4658 or by completing the email questionnaire by clicking here.

We are insurance experts. Our law firm and our affiliated law firms have obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in recovery on insurance denial lawsuits.

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