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Home Insurance – Actual Cash Value and Your Home

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Your house is covered for Actual Cash Value (ACV) in case you do not have the replacement cost coverage on your policy.

Actual Cash Value is the replacement cost minus the depreciation, which is the percentage for every year for the age of your home.  For instance, if you bought a television for $1000, then the 5 years times the depreciation percentage of 7% a year, would mean that the television would be depreciated by $350. So the replacement cost of the television should be $1000, but since you do not have the replacement cost  in your policy, the Actual Cash Value would be $650, and that is the coverage you would get.

Now lets talk about the major coverages on a homeowners policy and we shall start with the dwelling amount. This is the coverage that you would need if you ever needed to rebuild your entire house. The prices nowadays are always rising, so you should always remember that the market value of your house is different from the replacement value, and you have to make sure that your policy guarantees you a replacement cost if ever needed.

You always have to be very careful so you do not end up under-insuring yourself. The replacement value is usually the 20 percent increase of the market value of your house. For instance, lets assume that the market value of your house when you bought it was $200,000, and the cost to rebuild it is $275,000. If your your house was burnt to the ashes, you will only be insured for $240,00 and what this means is that the extra $35,000 has to come out from your pocket. Now that is a lot of money to come up with when you file a claim.

You can avoid getting into such situations if you have a good idea about the replacement cost of your house. And that is not a difficult task at all! All you have to do is talk with your insurance agent and tell him to construct you a replacement cost value. You should keep in mind that the replacement cost only applies to what it would take to rebuild the home, it does not  include the cost of the land, and in the event of a claim ever needing to be filed or in the process of considering which plan can offer the best coverage for your home in particular be sure to check online for the latest information and offerings in your area in particular.

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Source by Marcel A Johnson