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Hastings chose CRIF to support its counter fraud strategy

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Hastings Insurance Services has joined the expanding insurance community serviced by CRIF Decision Solutions Ltd (CRIF), selecting CRIF to support its counter fraud strategy to automate processes and boost fraud prevention at policy application.

Hastings utilises the telephone and internet as cost effective distribution channels to take its products to market. Along with the insurance industry as a whole, Hastings recognises that the relative anonymity afforded the consumer by this business model can lead to an increased exposure to fraud at point of sale. The business challenge was to swiftly gain the most accurate risk profile, real time, in order to assess desire to underwrite and appropriately price the premium.

CRIF has created a solution for Hastings which provides XML communication capabilities, enabling employees to search the CUE database swiftly and easily at point of sale, in order to review the consumer’s claims history.

James Fairhurst, Director of Information Systems and Services, Hastings Direct: “We were looking for an automated process and CRIF impressed us not only with the solution they could deliver, but the speed of their response (48 hours). From proof of concept to implementation has taken less than three months. We have been impressed by CRIF’s ‘can do’ attitude and ability to turn our requirements into a solution so quickly and effectively. We are committed to providing our customers with the best service possible and this includes protecting them for the costs of fraud.

What CRIF has helped us deliver will benefit both our customers and our bottom line. We are vigilant about detecting fraud at every stage of the insurance purchase and claim process as our strategy is to prevent fraud wherever possible protecting both our customers and ourselves.”

Roger Walsh, Associate Director, CRIF Decision Solutions Ltd comments: “There is an immense appetite across the industry to strengthen fraud prevention strategies at policy application. We are delighted to welcome Hastings into our growing community of insurance clients who are utilising CRIF’s expertise combined with our innovative and flexible approach to building ever more robust counter fraud solutions.”

Source : CRIF Press Release