Groupama Insurances has been awarded Shaw Trust Web Accessibility accreditation for its website,

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    Shaw Trust is one of the UK’s most comprehensive website accessibility accreditation services. A national charity, it supports disabled and disadvantaged people to prepare for work, find jobs and live more independent lives. It is also the only web accessibility accreditation organisation to employ its own testing teams on a full time basis.

    Jamie Marchant, Marketing and Communications Director at Groupama Insurances said: “We are currently the only insurer to hold Shaw Trust Accreditation and we see this as a significant step forward for our website. It has involved a great deal of work, some substantial enhancements and a good deal of testing. However, we recognise that our site is accessed by people with differing abilities and we have always been keen to ensure that all web users can visit and use our sites easily and effectively. All the hard work has been well worth it and we are very proud of this achievement.”

    The process of achieving accreditation involved rigorous testing by people with varying disabilities and also a range of tests using a variety of hardware and software designed to facilitate the use of computers by disabled users. Only after all suggestions for improvement were adopted was the accreditation granted.

    Cam Nicholls, Sales and Service Development Manager of Web Accessibility Services at Shaw Trust says, “Achieving Shaw Trust accreditation shows a clear determination to achieve the high standards we demand and we are delighted to grant the accreditation. Groupama’s commitment to making its website accessible to people of varying disabilities has been apparent throughout the process of editing and testing and we hope that this commitment continues in the future.”
    Jamie Marchant concludes; “Shaw Trust accreditation means that meets a high level of web accessibility but is just a start. Our aim is to make sure that all of our sites are just as accessible.”