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Good to know : contents insurance useful for university students

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According to the NUS (National Union of Students), one in three students is expected to become a victim of crime during their university life, but this number could be lowered by taking reasonable steps to reduce the risk of burglary. High-value contents insurance specialists Regal Insurance is urging students to take extra care with their belongings when they move into university accommodation this autumn.

New students generally have a lot to consider before making the move to their new lodgings, so finding insurance for their belongings may not feature too highly on their to-do lists. However, this could prove a costly mistake if a burglary did occur in halls of residence. The cost of accommodation and university fees are already a large expense without factoring in the cost of replacing a stolen laptop, iPhone, or television.

Returning university students, especially those moving into houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs), are also at risk of break-ins. Privately owned student houses are often located a short distance away from the university, meaning that intruders know where to target. Houses with more occupants can feel like a security blanket for students, but it can also be a blessing in disguise if there are a number of forgetful housemates.

Regal Insurance suggests establishing a number of routines for those living in halls of residence and privately owned accommodation. Common precautions include:

– Checking all windows and doors are locked; even when just going down the corridor

– Keeping valuables out of sight, especially when outside of room

– Hiding keys away from windows and doors

– Leaving the lights on and closing the curtains when away from home in the evening.

Students should keep in mind that many burglars are opportunistic, and only make off with belongings when they are presented with the chance to. For this reason, keeping accommodation secure is even more important. By raising awareness to housemates, students may also reduce the chances of a door or window being left unlocked, which could invalidate a contents insurance policy in the event of theft.

Regal Insurance offers cover for students as standard with a home and contents insurance policy, up to a value of £5,000*. This allows first year students temporarily away from their family home to concentrate on settling into their new surroundings and beginning their studies, without worrying about what might happen to their belongings.