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Five infected with deadly bacteria: Dutch health authorities

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At least five Dutch citizens were infected  with the mysterious but deadly bacteria that has so far killed 17 people in  Europe, the country’s health ministry said Wednesday.

“Until now five patients in the Netherlands have been confirmed as having  the EHEC bacteria,” it said in a statement, referring to enterohaemorrhagic E.  coli’s more common acronym.

Four of the five were also suffering from haemolytic uraemic syndrome  (HUS), a disease that causes bloody diarrhoea, serious liver damage and  possible death.

“All five patients contracted the disease while visiting Germany,” the  statement said, adding “apart from these five there are other ill people being  tested for the EHEC infection.”

A total of 16 people have now died in Germany and one in Sweden as a result  of contamination by the bacteria which has sickened hundreds more since  mid-May.

Confirmed cases of the full-blown HUS has risen to 470 from 373 reported on  Tuesday, the Robert Koch Institute, Germany’s national disease centre, said  Wednesday.

These figures relate to official numbers for Tuesday and Monday  respectively.

The Hague, June 1, 2011 (AFP)