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Fibre to the cabinet service provides the next innovative step to enhance business connectivity

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The modern requirements of business mean that being without the internet for a morning, or even an hour or two, can have disastrous effects on business plans, client relationships and profits. Yet businesses across the country still experience this phenomenon all too often. Multi-million pound companies are still sharing their internet with members of the public, meaning speed and reliability can be affected by the actions of others.

Cloud computing and communications company, Qubic, has designed an innovative solution to the problem with the launch of a new Fibre-to-the-Cabinet service, Vitesse; providing a direct connection to the datacentres that store the files and information needed for companies to function and provide direct internet access. Central to the success of Qubic’s product and its guarantee of quality is the control over the entire delivery. Unlike most providers, Qubic is not reselling a standard product from one of the national providers such as BT, they deliver connectivity over a wires only service that can be configured any way the client needs it. This enables Qubic to ensure that traffic to the hosted servers it provides is carried on an entirely private line, never touching the ‘public internet’.

Chris Papa, Managing Director explained, “We have created something quite different here. Vitesse Fibre Private lets you use superfast technology to build your own private network, eradicating long standing issues of slower, contended broadband. A company could have an office in the South East and in the North West, both in areas with terrible internet access, but they will both be provided high-speed access to our datacentre, enabling the sharing of information and internet access at super-high speed.

“It is not just geography and connectivity issues we are able to provide a solution to, we will also dramatically increase security. Vitesse Fibre is particularly appropriate for organisations such as financial that need to communicate sensitive information. Because traffic over Vitesse Private Fibre uses a static IP address and does not cross over public internet, customer information is safe from interception, hacking or denial of service attacks.

“Although direct connections have previously been available via Ethernet, this has been costly making hosted services unaffordable to most businesses. This solution is dramatically more cost effective, and provides a faster, cleaner, quicker, more reliable connection, once again allowing us to help with the progression of our customers rather than be a cost centre.”

By making Vitesse Private Fibre affordable, Qubic is taking the first steps to ensuring internet problems and the detrimental effects they have on business are a thing of the past and give secure, affordable, high-speed access to hosted services.