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Delta Lloyd introduces the Capital Pension Plan collective

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Delta Lloyd is this week introducing the Capital Pension Plan collective. With this new collective pension solution Delta Lloyd is taking on board the increasing demand from employers for economy and security.

The Capital Pension Plan is a component of Delta Lloyd’s pension portfolio. Through its portfolio Delta Lloyd offers a variety of pension solutions that take on board the need of employers and employees: financial provision, security, affordability and flexible budgeting.

The Capital Pension Plan collective is a premium agreement with a guaranteed capital payment upon retirement. The capital that is accrued during the period of employment is paid out if the person entitled to the pension is still living on the date of retirement. The pension overheads are manageable for the employer because there is associated financing on the basis of an available premium system. What is more, there is no investment risk and the employee enjoys the security of a guaranteed capital pay-out. The capital is used on the date of retirement to purchase an old-age and partner’s pension. Through this collective pension insurance Delta Lloyd is offering a guaranteed pension to suit your budget.

Saving without investment risks

The Delta Lloyd Capital Pension Plan collective takes on board the increasing demand for economy and security. With available premiums a businessman knows exactly what his costs are. And the employee has the security of a guaranteed payout, without the complexity involved in making a whole lot of choices. Delta Lloyd guarantees the accrued capital. The accrued capital is directly purchased and guaranteed on the stakeholder’s behalf. This way the investment risk is also completely cancelled out. Partner cover in the event of death and premium release in the event of not being able to work are insured concurrently on a mandatory basis.