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Confused.com : new advert with Cara singing YMCA

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The much appreciated 70’s disco song ‘YMCA’ is the soundtrack to the latest Confused.com advert “Con-Fused -Dot-Com” featuring animated logo Cara.

The new thirty second advert, focusing on car insurance, will launch on Sunday 22nd May, with its peak spot taking place during the new ITV 1 drama ‘Vera’.

The new Confused.com advert is once again voiced by Louise Dearman who plays the lead in the popular West End hit musical, Wicked.  Animated and produced by Hornet, with musical arrangement from Speckulation entertainment, the advert will feature living logo Cara singing the catchy anthem before being joined by a lively backing group of animated singers and dancers.

Mike Hoban, Marketing Director at Confused.com, said: “Confused.com is the UK’s first price comparison site and this advert is an entertaining way to remind people how easily they can save money on household bills.

“The new series of adverts have been so successful that Confused.com has added more than 2 million customers since the campaign launched.” He added

In addition to this thirty second car insurance advert, a thirty second advert focusing on home insurance and a sixty second brand advert are also launching. The new thirty second car insurance “Con-Fused-Dot-Com” advert can be viewed on confused.com/cara from 22nd May.

Confused.com is also unveiling a new thirty second radio advert on 1st June in the London region only.

Source : Confused.com