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Car insurance : snow socks for your car

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Car manufacturer Vauxhall have launched snow socks which are aimed at making car travel safer during the snow and ice which has blighted Britain over the last few days.

Vauxhall’s snow socks are made of fabric and are designed to be fitted to the two front wheels to help the car grip the surface and plough through thick snow more easily. They are designed for use up to 50mph, although the manufacturer recommends driving at a far slower speed for safety reasons.

The car accessory fits over the tyres and the manufacturer claims they are a better option than car chains and winter tyres which are more commonly used during icy and snowy conditions to provide better grip on the road.

It is hoped that the use of snow socks may go some way to helping to reduce the number of accidents caused by snow and ice during the winter months. Last year during December 2009 through until January 2010 when the UK was hit with a severe cold snap, the Association of British Insurers recorded £395 million worth of claims paid out as a result of accidents caused by the weather.

The snow socks are made out of a unique kind of fabric which has been arranged at right angles in the opposite direction to the way the vehicle is travelling in order to create a greater resistance, and therefore enhanced grip on the road.

Although the snow socks are manufactured by Vauxhall, they can be used on any type or model of car. The car accessory retails at £49.99 for a pair of snow socks and they can be purchased from any Vauxhall dealer.

Source : Lady Motor