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Car crimes down but Brits still worried

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Britons are more worried than ever about their cars being broken into or stolen despite a fall in car crime over the past decade, an Admiral funded study has revealed.

The study looked at 2,500 drivers across the UK and found that almost three quarters (74%) of Brits worry about car crime. When comparing this figure to their own statistics, Admiral found that there had actually been a decline in the number of car thefts over the past decade.

Last year just 0.16% of people insured by Admiral had their car broken into or stolen, compared to 0.58% a decade ago, showing that the worries are unfounded.

Dave Halliday, Admiral managing director, said, “Our statistics show that car crime has been falling for several years now, so maybe worrying about it is undue. This anxiety could be linked to a general sense of unease about the state of the country and the economy in particular, our cars are after all, one of the most valuable things we own.”

Dave continued, “Modern cars have excellent security features with manufacturers making them more and more difficult to steal, which must have some impact on the number stolen or broken into. However, motorists should always make sure their car isn’t an easy target for thieves by parking it in a well lit area, not leaving items on show, and making sure their keys are kept in a safe and secure place should someone gain access to their home.”

Even though car crime is decreasing, Admiral thought it would be interesting to see which types of vehicle are the most likely to be targeted by criminals. It looked at statistics from the last year and found the Nissan Sunny, BMW X6 and Audi RS6 were the three cars most likely to be stolen. The Nissan Figaro is the car most likely to be broken into followed by the Citroen C8 and BMW 730.